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Roasted Carrot and Parsnip Soup

A Real-Food Thanksgiving Roundup

If you are still planning your menu, consider adding in some new favorites, made with unprocessed, whole foods.  Some starters that anyone will love include Brie and Pistachio Stuffed Mushrooms: Or some Hot-Wing Style Delicata Wedges: If you like to start with a soup, or if you want a great vegetarian main dish option, try […]

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Sweet Potatoes with Cranberry Butter

Sweet Potatoes with Cranberry Butter

This is my latest recipe in preparation for a whole-foods Thanksgiving feast, and I am kind of in love with this one.  There are no marshmallows in this recipe, and the only added sugar is a tablespoon of honey (more, if you prefer).  I think it offers the perfect balance of sweet and tart. I […]

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Green Beans with Sherried Mushrooms and Fried Shallots

Real-Food Green Bean Casserole with Sherried Mushrooms and Fried Shallots

If you have been watching the massive clean-up and restoration efforts going on after Hurricane Sandy and have been looking for a way to help, please consider making a donation to assist the people who have lost power, homes, possessions, and, in some cases, loved ones.  The American Red Cross is in need of donations, […]

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Vegetable Wellington with White Beans and Rosemary

Vegetable Wellington with White Beans and Rosemary

As my regular readers are aware, I am not a vegetarian but I eat meat infrequently and with a careful eye regarding the source.  During the holidays it is always a challenge to find interesting vegan and vegetarian entrees that are festive, a little decadent, and not based on “fake meats,” which I oppose due […]

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Butter-and-Bourbon-Glazed Turkey

Anne’s Amazing Butter-and-Bourbon-Glazed Turkey

For our Thanksgiving feast Dennis and Anne purchased a local, pastured bird from Dominion Valley Farm.  For fresh, non-factory-farmed birds it is a great idea to do a brine first (if your bird is frozen or deep-chilled, thaw first, pat dry, and then submerge in the brine overnight).  Commercial birds are pre-injected with saline solution […]

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Thanksgiving Mac and Cheese

Thanksgiving Mac and Cheese

What makes this Thanksgiving Mac and Cheese?  Well, you serve it on Thanksgiving…that’s about it.  It doesn’t contain any Pilgrim or turkey bits or anything like that.  Actually, I had a request from JED for a side-dish worthy mac and cheese to serve at her holiday meal–something creamy, with a little bit of spice–and you […]

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