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Seafood Stuffed Sole

If you have been following along with my kitchen adventures it’s probably clear by now that I adore fish and shellfish.  I was doing a quick scan of my recipe index and I have exactly four recipes for chicken versus 26 recipes for fish and shellfish.  I have nothing against chicken, mind you, it just […]

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Shrimp and Coconut Fritters

This combines two of my personal food favorites: Gulf shrimp and fritters.  How can anyone resist a hand-held disc of fried food?  In most cases fritters are made with a flour-based batter, but for these I made a sort of shrimp mousseline with half of the shrimp, some unsweetened, shredded coconut, and some egg, and […]

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Shrimp Quenelles

When I was ten years old I started collecting old cookbooks and cooking magazines from the local used bookstore, and I amassed quite a large collection.  I had a fairly complete set of old Gourmet magazines, as well as a strange variety of cookbooks, ranging from spiral-bound, regional fair collections to James Beard and Julia […]

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Salt and Pepper Shrimp

One of my favorite restaurants does a version of this dish that I love, and I probably order it once a month.  They use smaller shrimp and leave the shells on, then fry them and top them with a sweet-and-hot pepper dice.  You eat them shell and all, and they are crispy, spicy, and delicious.  […]

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Shrimp and Artichoke Frittata, and World Diabetes Day

Did you know that today is World Diabetes Day, and that November is Diabetes Awareness month?  Diabetes touches the lives of millions of Americans, both those who are living with the disease and their loved ones.  This diabetes awareness blogger event was created by All Day I Dream About Food, a low carb blog authored […]

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Erath Wine Pairing Dinner: Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir

Last week I received a couple of fine bottles of wine, courtesy of Thirsty Girl and Erath Winery, with a challenge to come up with some food pairings for the set of Pinots.  You all know how I love a challenge–particularly one involving wine–so of course I got right to work.  There is something really […]

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