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Street Food Series: Bunny Chow

Bunny Chow has nothing to do with lettuce.  According to Troth Wells, author of The World of Street Food, this dish of lentil curry served in a container of bread had its origins in apartheid policies.  Segregation rules meant that restaurants could not serve “colored” people, so curry shops came up with an ingenious take-out […]

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Last C.S.A. Share of the Season

Yesterday I picked up our last shares of 2010–some winter squash, a bag of potatoes, some nice leeks, beets, apples, and some of Grant Farm’s amazing cherry wine.  I will admit to a little bit of C.S.A. burnout at this stage in the game, but we are totally sold on the concept and we will […]

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Okra Deserves Your Love. Do Not Disrespect the Okra.

Okra: “I don’t get it, Dr. Phil, people just seem to avoid me.  I try really hard, but they just don’t like me.” Dr. Phil: “Okra, you got to get real!  How do you expect people to like you when you act like a slimebag?  Get real!  Get real!” Okra: “Good point, Dr. Phil.  Good […]

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