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Easy Duck Carnitas Recipe with Quick Pickled Onions

Easy Duck Carnitas, Plus a Giveaway

If you crave the meltingly-tender meat with crispy edges that you get with classic pork carnitas, you are going to love this easy recipe for duck carnitas.  This is my one-pot method that braises the meat until it is falling apart and then crisps up the skin and edges to give you some crunchy texture.  […]

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Roasted Red Pepper Dip with Walnuts

Roasted Red Pepper and Walnut Dip

The C.S.A. share has been delivering a lovely array of sweet peppers the last couple of weeks, and this dip–my take on Middle Eastern Muhammara–is a versatile way to use them up.  This dip is typically thickened with some sort of bread, but the walnuts really make that addition unnecessary.  Toasting the walnuts add another […]

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Beef and Pumpkin Chili

Beef and Pumpkin Chili

Full disclosure: this chili is actually made with Hubbard squash, not pumpkin.  Did you know that Hubbards are often processed and sold as canned pumpkin?  True.  They are more densely-fleshed than pie pumpkins and make for a smooth puree.  However, I felt that “Beef and Hubbard Squash Chili” was too verbally clunky.  At any rate, […]

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Slow-Roasted Goat Tacos, Plus Mild Pontificating on Cuteness

Before our C.S.A. shares ended, I ordered up some pastured meat for the freezer–soup bones, a lovely piece of pork belly, and a goat roast.  I had never eaten goat, largely because I find them so cute and endearing, but I am a believer that if you are going to eat meat it should be […]

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