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Street Food Series: Gallo Pinto

Gallo Pinto is the national dish of Nicaragua, and it is at its essence a dish of rice and beans, flavored with various herbs and seasonings that vary according to region.  There are hundreds of variations on the basic theme, and as is keeping with the origin of this type of dish, I used what […]

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Street Food Series: Mushroom and Lily Flower Bao

For my latest adaptation from the great little book Street Food, I decided to tackle Bao, or Baozi–those deliciously puffy little steamed buns filled with sweet or savory fillings.  Like a lot of traditional street foods, this is only “fast food” if you are the one eating the end product–it requires a few steps and […]

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Slow-Roasted Goat Tacos, Plus Mild Pontificating on Cuteness

Before our C.S.A. shares ended, I ordered up some pastured meat for the freezer–soup bones, a lovely piece of pork belly, and a goat roast.  I had never eaten goat, largely because I find them so cute and endearing, but I am a believer that if you are going to eat meat it should be […]

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Street Food Series: Sudanese Ful

Lately I have been reading the really interesting cookbook Street Food, which has recipes and vignettes about international “fast” foods that are typically sold by small, independent vendors.  I have at least 20 recipes earmarked for future meals, and in most cases they are more of a guideline than a recipe, as street foods evolve […]

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