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Loaded Sweet Potato Bisque

Potato soup is something that I always find appealing in concept, but in general I am never that excited about the actual product.  Most of it seems bland and a little gluey.  I’m sure there are some excellent versions out there that I have yet to try, but right now I am excited about this […]

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Parmesan Artichoke Fritas

My resolutions have thus far been mired down by carby food cravings, so I hope you are off to a healthier start than I have managed.  Lately I have been craving fried foods (probably influenced by all of the ads for Super Bowl foods), and this was how I succumbed.  These make a great little […]

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Cheese-wrapped Olives (grain free)

This recipe was actually inspired by a recent trip to Costco, where I saw a giant jar (we are talking Costco, after all) of Castelvetrano olives.  A pretty large jar, really.  Because I go into some kind of trance-like state when entering the doors of Costco, I naturally succumbed and purchased the olives.  When I […]

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Classic Cheese Fondue

Fondue is one of those participatory foods that makes for great party fare, and I find it ideal for New Year’s Eve.  It is impossible to avoid chatting up your neighbors while you are all dipping things into molten cheese.  Traditional fondue etiquette requires that any woman who drops a tidbit into the cheese must […]

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Mushroom En-chard-ladas

Yeah, I had to go there with the name.  No apologies.  This is not the prettiest dish when finished, so let me start you off with an image of it pre-oven: I have been avoiding sugar and refined carbs since January, and I feel much better and have thus far lost 20 pounds, so I […]

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My New Site! Plus Portobello Pizzas…

It took a few months, but I hope you enjoy the new look and layout of Seasonal and Savory.  I am still working out a few kinks, so please bear with me as I deal with a learning curve–and if you encounter any problems with functionality, I do hope you will let me know.  After […]

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