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Aleppo-Crusted Cheesie Poofs

Aleppo-Crusted Haloumi Cheese

  They really could not be easier to put together.  I cut up eight ounces of Halloumi into cubes of roughly the same size, then dredged them in a large egg that I whisked together with a teaspoon of cornstarch.  Just toss the cubes around to coat all of the sides, then liberally sprinkle them […]

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Jamaican Sweet Corn Chowder

Jamaican Sweet Corn Chowder

‘Tis the season for sweet corn, and this morning there were seven ears lounging in our fridge–now down to three, after making a pot of this chowder: This is a creamy, blended soup made with a coconut milk base.  The heat level is easily varied by the type and amount of hot peppers you include–Scotch […]

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Curried Cabbage with Gulf Shrimp

Curried Cabbage with Gulf Shrimp

It’s the time of year when meal planning revolves around “let’s see what shows up in the C.S.A. box and plan from there.”  The beauty of this is that I love to invent meals based on what is on hand, and having a lot of fresh produce means we eat really well in late summer.  […]

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Dinner for One

Harrison is off at a conference, so I am temporarily carnivorous and temporarily cooking for one.  While my initial impulse was to microwave some Amy’s Mac and Cheese,  I have really been wanting a piece of fish.  I got a nice piece of Mahi Mahi and cooked it with a few shrimp, some Aleppo pepper, […]

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Chard and Phyllo Pie

This week our CSA box was overflowing with beautiful produce, and as we have been doing each weekend, we needed to clear out some room in the fridge to make space for the new bounty.  One of the things we have been really enjoying is the variety of cooking greens–chard, kale, collards, spinach, and beet […]

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