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Improbable Chocolate Coconut Pie

If you grew up in the 1970s you probably remember the flood of “impossible” pie recipes that started with one published by Bisquick and that cascaded into impossible-everything variations on the theme.  The basic idea is that you toss some ingredients into a blender, pour it into a pie tin, and then you bake yourself […]

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Vanilla Bean Truffles

My new nickname is “The Truffle Queen,” and I think there are worse things to be known for.  Why so many truffles?  Well, they are really easy to adapt to all sorts of dietary restrictions.  They are rich and they convey a sense of special occasion.  They don’t have to be super-sweet to be amazing.  […]

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Top 13 of 2013

Is everyone ready to ring in a new year?  I certainly feel ready.  2013 was a year of significant changes in my life, and while adaptation is one of my strengths, I am hoping for a less-interesting 2014.  One thing that was great about this past year was the food, and these were the most […]

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Black Walnut Tassies (grain free)

Well I caved and had to do one more sweet for the season.  I’m going to blame my cooking friend Lucy, over at A Cook and Her Books, for posting her Macadamia-Rum Tassies.  They looked irresistible, so I promptly started working on a grain-free version.  It took a few batches (yeah, we have been eating […]

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Feast of the Seven Fishes

I am not of Italian heritage, but starting from a young age I have had a longing to do an all-out Feast of the Seven Fishes for Christmas Eve dinner.  My family traditionally had our dinner on Christmas Eve, with an extended-family dinner at my grandparent’s house on Christmas day, and around the age of […]

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Gluten-Free Holiday Dessert Round Up

I’m getting ho ho horribly puffy from testing so many dessert recipes, and I am definitely in need of a little seasonal dessert detox.  I love making healthier sweets, but then of course we end up eating them, and even healthy sweets are not designed to be part of the daily diet.  So, I thought […]

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