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Eggplant Coconut Curry

Whole30: Days 23-26

We are in the final stretch, both of the challenge and of the semester.  This week has been harder, just due to lack of time, and Tuesday we resorted to what has become our fall-back dinner–Mod Market. It’s an easy, safe place to eat that has really good food, so that was dinner.  I also […]

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Cute Little Eggplants

Whole30: Days 20-22

Friday night we had planned to finally break in the new grill by grilling a couple of whole trout, but that plan was thwarted by a work emergency.  Instead, I ended up picking up salads from Mod Market and taking them to Harrison’s office for a working picnic.  They have really great salads, fortunately.  We […]

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Lion's Head Meatballs

Whole30: Days 18 and 19

This week has been easier than last, though due to the end-of-semester grading crunch we have both been wishing that wine were allowed on the Whole30.  No such luck. Breakfast continues to be my strawberry/almond butter bowl, yesterday with some added coconut, today with some red banana. Lunch is pretty consistently dinner leftovers and/or added […]

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Taco Salad

Whole30: Days 16 and 17

We are still chugging along with the challenge and have fallen into certain food routines–for me, my standard breakfast has become my strawberry and almond butter bowl, with some slight variations with other fruit, nuts, or coconut.  Because of the work load of the end of the semester, I will be posting highlights this week […]

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Short Ribs with Brussels Sprouts

Whole30: Day 15

Breakfast today was a repeat of yesterday, but today I was (fortunately) not feeling ill when I ate.  A little red banana and some sliced strawberries, topped with a clump of almond butter.  I know that looks like brown sugar but it is coarsely-ground almond butter. For our lunch I sliced some bratwurst from US […]

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Whole30: Day 14

I was going to wait and double up menus tomorrow but decided to go ahead and do a fast, photo-free post with today’s update.  I did actually take photos of breakfast but the day went downhill from there.  So, as a status update, I was fairly ill today.  I don’t know why and hope it […]

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