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Cardamom-dipped Strawberries

Whole30: Days 27-29

OK, first, an admission:  when we went out for dinner on Friday night our celebratory mood overcame our willpower and we broke the no-alcohol rule–so our Whole30 was thusly tainted.  But note that we really, really enjoyed that wine.  And, we got back on track the next day.  Saturday was our first pick-up of the […]

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Chicken with Italian Plums

Chicken with Italian Plums

Italian plums are one of my favorite fruits, and they have a relatively short season, so grab them when you can.  I probably love the dusky, deep color as much as the flavor. Stack them in a bowl, and they make a beautiful centerpiece.  Also called “prune” plums (because yes, these are dried and sold […]

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Greek Salad with Lemon Garlic Chicken

Greek Salad with Lemon-Garlic Chicken

I was in a bit of a fog when I posted yesterday, and neglected to mention that my Chinese-influenced post of Green Beans with Toasted Walnuts and Black Bean Sauce would be perfect for Chinese New Year–Happy Year of the Dragon!  So, in celebration of that culture event, today I bring you…Greek salad.  Did I mention […]

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Butter-and-Bourbon-Glazed Turkey

Anne’s Amazing Butter-and-Bourbon-Glazed Turkey

For our Thanksgiving feast Dennis and Anne purchased a local, pastured bird from Dominion Valley Farm.  For fresh, non-factory-farmed birds it is a great idea to do a brine first (if your bird is frozen or deep-chilled, thaw first, pat dry, and then submerge in the brine overnight).  Commercial birds are pre-injected with saline solution […]

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Chicken Soup for the Cold

My late summer cold has sadly prevented a trip to the Grant Farm’s Harvestival, which I had been greatly anticipating.  The cold has improved today, no doubt due to the mega-antioxidant chicken soup I cooked up yesterday as an antidote.  I would add here that I give great kudos to Harrison for cheerfully tolerating my […]

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Chicken with Ground Cherry Sauce

My Father’s Garden: Pineapple Tomatillos (a.k.a. Ground Cherries)

Yesterday I flew in to Indiana to visit my folks, and stepping out of the airport was like stepping directly into a hot bowl of soup.  If you are thirsty here you can put a green tea bag in your mouth and just suck in a lungful of that hot, moist air.  Instant tea. So […]

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