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Gazpacho with Marcona Almonds

Why yes, this is my second tomato recipe in a week.  Yes, it is.  The flood of tomato goodness just keeps rolling in.  Let me assure you that having too many tomatoes is a problem I have never, ever faced in my previous years of gardening in Colorado.  It’s a pretty great problem, and this […]

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Fresh Tomato and Cheddar Tart

Fresh Tomato and Cheddar Tart (grain free)

If you are fortunate enough to be dealing with an abundance of fresh tomatoes, this is a beautiful dish for a light supper or for a summer potluck.  The crust is rich and nutty and acts as a great balance for the sweetness and acidity of the tomatoes.  I used Black Krims, Purple Cherokees, and […]

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Wild Sardine and Grapefruit Salad

Wild Sardine and Grapefruit Salad in Endive Cups

If you are sardine-averse, I am here to convert you with this citrusy salad.  Wild sardines are one of the healthiest foods around, and having canned sardines in your pantry opens up lots of sophisticated, no-cook meal options that are perfect for summer.  Wild Planet sardines have long been my preferred brand for both sardines […]

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Scallops with Avocado Crema

Seared Scallops with Avocado Crema and Sriracha Drizzle

This is a lovely little appetizer that can be pan-seared inside or grilled if you are doing an outdoor barbecue, and the sauces can be prepped in advance.  I pan-seared these in some coconut oil (ghee also works well–just make sure you don’t use olive oil for searing, because the smoke point is too low) […]

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Watermelon and Feta Stacks

Watermelon and Feta Stacks

Watermelon and feta salads are a personal favorite, and I enjoy making a less-formal version of this and including some additional savory elements.  The sweet/salty combo is outstanding.  This is a “composed” version that just requires a round biscuit or cookie cutter to make the stacks.  I added a little heat with one of my […]

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Cheese-wrapped Olives

Cheese-wrapped Olives (grain free)

This recipe was actually inspired by a recent trip to Costco, where I saw a giant jar (we are talking Costco, after all) of Castelvetrano olives.  A pretty large jar, really.  Because I go into some kind of trance-like state when entering the doors of Costco, I naturally succumbed and purchased the olives.  When I […]

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