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Yugoslavian Finger Squash

Yugoslavian Finger Squash

Originally I wanted to title this post “Manos: The Squash of Fate,” but I thought that might mess with Google’s search function.  The Yugoslavian Finger Squash–in case you don’t have one hanging around–is an heirloom squash variety that apparently can be eaten young like a summer squash or mature like a winter squash.  Our C.S.A. […]

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Winter Farmers’ Market

The last market of the season is always bittersweet, in that I know no matter how much I stock up it is going to be a long winter.  This weekend the Boulder County Farmers’ Market gave me a brief respite from my longing with their weekend-long indoor market at the fairgrounds.  It’s a great opportunity […]

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Our First Durian

After a rather trying morning, we made a trip to Aurora to visit H Mart, a sprawling market filled with all kinds of interesting, international foodstuffs.   Since today was my birthday, Harrison remained quiet while I piled the cart with lots of (to us) exotic produce.  As I was doing a little dance of joy […]

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I’m Giving Away This Rock

In honor of my 100th blog post, I wanted to do something really special for my loyal readers–thus, the obvious choice: a rock giveaway.  This is the rock: His name is Jacques.  As you may have guessed from his natty attire, he is French.  Jacques was mined in a small, French quarry in the 1920’s, […]

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My Favorite 20-Minute Party Spread

Yesterday I did some fun touristy stuff with my friend Terry–the Celestial Seasonings factory tour (you will never breathe better than when stepping into that mint room), pots of tea at the beautiful Boulder Dushanbe Tea House, the not-yet-Olympic sport of dodging errant student pedestrians at University of Colorado…all the usual stuff.  Along the way we […]

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The Indiana Banana

Today, on the last morning of my family visit, my mother discovered a perfectly ripe paw paw that had fallen from one of their trees.  This was a great treat because paw paws have taken on an almost mythical quality in my mind–I have heard about this fruit, which is a member of the otherwise-tropical […]

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