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C.S.A. Murder and Intrigue…plus Edible Flowers

Cooking is one of my my primary passions, and if you follow my blog you know that I think we should all be trying to eat seasonal, local, and organic as much as possible.  Two of my other great loves are gardening and reading, so I am taking a break from the recipe routine to […]

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Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

When you think of mushrooms, furry is probably not the first thing that comes to mind, but this is a mushroom that looks decidedly furry.  To me, they look like Tribbles, those purring creatures from my favorite episode of Star Trek. Don’t you just want to pet them?  When you slice open a Lion’s Mane, […]

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Ball’s National Can-It-Forward Day (plus a giveaway)

Growing up in Muncie, Indiana, the Ball family name dominated the landscape of my life: building names, the university and hospital, local industry, and, of course, our end-of-summer canning season all bore the Ball name.  My parents have always maintained a large garden and a variety of fruit trees, and August and September meant pulling […]

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Bread Cheese

Juustoa (Bread Cheese)

When life gets crazed I turn to comfort foods, and this is a U.P. comfort food extraordinaire.  During my U.P. years I would buy a locally-made version of this baked cheese that was a bit sweeter and less salty than the versions that are now popping up all over (Trader Joe’s apparently carries a version […]

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Yugoslavian Finger Squash

Yugoslavian Finger Squash

Originally I wanted to title this post “Manos: The Squash of Fate,” but I thought that might mess with Google’s search function.  The Yugoslavian Finger Squash–in case you don’t have one hanging around–is an heirloom squash variety that apparently can be eaten young like a summer squash or mature like a winter squash.  Our C.S.A. […]

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Winter Farmers’ Market

The last market of the season is always bittersweet, in that I know no matter how much I stock up it is going to be a long winter.  This weekend the Boulder County Farmers’ Market gave me a brief respite from my longing with their weekend-long indoor market at the fairgrounds.  It’s a great opportunity […]

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