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Fresh Herb Soup

Every summer my tarragon plant gets quickly out of control, growing to at least four feet tall and taking over a good third of our large herb bed.  I do a lot of things to try to keep it in check–pesto, tarragon salt, tarragon chicken, etc.–but sooner or later it has to be somewhat aggressively […]

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Duck, Demystified

A couple of weeks ago I boarded an insanely early flight and headed to Indiana for a few days, courtesy of Maple Leaf Farms.  Many of you know that I was born and raised in Indiana and I still have a lot of family in the area, so while Maple Leaf Farms is really a […]

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Conference: BlogHer 14

Have you ever wanted to meet other bloggers, connect with brands, and attend some really great parties?  Blogging conferences are a great way to do all of those things, and BlogHer hosts several annual conferences, the biggest of which is coming up in July: BlogHer ’14, which will be held in San Jose, California this […]

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Whole30: Day 11

Breakfast this morning was a fast plate of scrambled eggs and a grapefruit, because I was eager to get outside and do some weeding.  I am not typically this excited about weeding, mind you, but yesterday my mom clued me in to the fact that dandelion buds are not only edible, but tasty.  I am […]

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Whole30: The Prep

Tomorrow we are starting our first Whole30 challenge, so I have spent the last week getting things ready and stocking the fridge with appropriate foodstuffs.  If you are not familiar with Whole30, it is essentially a month-long eating protocol that focuses all of your attention on whole, unprocessed foods.  Foods that you eliminate for the […]

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Red Chile Roast Beef

This is actually a recipe for a rotisseried roast of beef, because over the last few weeks I have been in a rotisserie frenzy.  I have rotisseried a duck, a pork loin, and even delicata squash rings.  All because I received a Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven for review–and let me tell you, I am in […]

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