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Colicchio & Sons

We just got back from a four-day trip to New York City, where I participated in the Good Housekeeping Cook Your Heart Out cook off–more about that soon.  The trip happily coincided with my birthday, so we decided to use part of our gift card for a nice dinner at Colicchio & Sons (for the […]

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Chard and Phyllo Pie

This week our CSA box was overflowing with beautiful produce, and as we have been doing each weekend, we needed to clear out some room in the fridge to make space for the new bounty.  One of the things we have been really enjoying is the variety of cooking greens–chard, kale, collards, spinach, and beet […]

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Crab Apple Tartlets

Incredibly Cute Crab Apple Tartlets

This week our CSA fruit share included some intensely sweet little Colorado peaches and a couple of handfuls of wild apples, which also go by the less-flattering name of crab apples.  It was kind of surprising to find them in the fruit share, but I love crab apples and enjoy eating a few on campus […]

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Fresh Corn Muffin-Souffles with Tarragon

Fresh Corn Muffin-Souffles with Tarragon

We got some delicious looking ears of sweet corn in our CSA box last week and I have been wanting to try something new that pairs the corn with fresh tarragon.  We have a French tarragon plant that gets about four feet tall each year, and I love it with fish or with new potatoes, […]

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The Fine Art of Foraging

Foraging is a lost art for the most part, and it does require some specialized regional knowledge of edible wild plants.  When we first moved to the affluent Boulder County area we would sneak around harvesting sand plums, crab apples, choke cherries and other delectable goodies along fence rows.  Eventually we realized that these were […]

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Okra Deserves Your Love. Do Not Disrespect the Okra.

Okra: “I don’t get it, Dr. Phil, people just seem to avoid me.  I try really hard, but they just don’t like me.” Dr. Phil: “Okra, you got to get real!  How do you expect people to like you when you act like a slimebag?  Get real!  Get real!” Okra: “Good point, Dr. Phil.  Good […]

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