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Whole30: Day 11

Breakfast this morning was a fast plate of scrambled eggs and a grapefruit, because I was eager to get outside and do some weeding.  I am not typically this excited about weeding, mind you, but yesterday my mom clued me in to the fact that dandelion buds are not only edible, but tasty.  I am […]

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Whole30: Day 10

Today’s meals were noteworthy but I am going to keep this short because I put together a great round up of Whole30 recipes from several blogs, and I want you to get to that quickly–thanks to everyone who let me link to your great recipes!  It’s 30 Whole30 recipes, and I want to try them […]

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Whole30: Day 9

My allergies continue to evaporate as I proceed into week two.  At this point in my life I have some incredibly powerful correlative evidence that, at best, wheat greatly exacerbates my allergies.  It’s remarkable how much difference a week has made.  Knowing this makes me wonder why I ever think it is o.k. to eat […]

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Whole30: Day 8

We have officially crossed over into week two, and today I did some cooking for the upcoming week, as is my usual Sunday habit.  I boiled eggs, simmered some stock with lamb bones that I had in the freezer from last season, and I made a fairly giant bison meatloaf so we will have leftovers […]

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Whole 30: Day 7

We have now officially made it through a whole week of the challenge!  I didn’t have much time to cook or take photos today, but here’s a quick run down.  We had our first dining out experience for tonight’s dinner, which went well. Breakfast this morning for Harrison was the last three “breakfast muffins,” plus […]

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Whole30: Day 6

This morning I knew I was going to be eating eggs for lunch due to the amount of work I had going, so I opted for an egg-free breakfast that was pretty good.  A bowl of (still fairly flavorless) organic strawberries drizzled with almond butter and then topped with some coconut flakes and the last […]

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