Q.  Why do you call for pastured, organic meat and dairy in your recipes?

A. I try to source all meat and dairy products from pastured, organic sources.  There are multiple reasons this is worth the added cost, including greater personal health benefits from the improved Omega 3 profiles; better health, welfare, and living conditions for the animals; better practices for the environment; and, finally, they taste much better!

Q. Since Seasonal and Savory is testing baked goods at 5000 feet above sea level, do I need to make any adjustments if I live at or around sea level?

A. Probably, yes–baked goods will generally take longer to bake at sea level, and you may need to slightly decrease the amounts of liquid.  Because I am aware that most people do not live at altitude, I try to provide a range for baking times, as well as a description of how the product should look and/or feel when it is ready.  Similarly, stove-top cooking may require a decrease in liquids if the final product involves a sauce.

Q. Is this is “Paleo” blog?

A. In 2012 I started shifting my diet to avoid gluten and to eliminate refined sugars and vegetable oils, all of which are principles of most versions of the “Paleo” diet.  Since that switch my recipes have all been Paleo-friendly, because that is how I eat.  I try to keep my diet comprised mostly of whole foods, including seasonal produce and pastured meats, and when I “cheat” it is usually with organic, heirloom popcorn, topped with melted butter.  I don’t engage in debates regarding what is/not authentically “Paleo,” because that level of discussion isn’t relevant to my dietary decisions and there is little to be gained by that type of parsing.  If you are interested in eating whole foods, you will likely enjoy my recipes.  I follow a number of Paleo/primal blogs that embrace the same, whole-food approach.

Q. I would like to cook with more local vegetables, but I don’t live near a farmers’ market.

A. I recommend checking out localharvest.org if you don’t have a local  market.  They have an extensive database of locally-produced produce, meats, eggs, honey, and more, as well as Community Supported Agriculture (C.S.A.) programs that may be close by.

Q. May I post your recipes and photos to other sites?

A. No, not without my permission.  If you want to “Pin” a photo that links back to my site, or share a link to a recipe you enjoy, that is wonderful, but please never copy an entire recipe with a pin, and please do not use my photos for other sites without permission.  While many people erroneously believe that if you can Google something it is legally fair game to use, that is not the case.  I spend a great deal of time developing recipes, testing, photographing, and writing up the results, and they are my intellectual property.  If you are interested in publishing one of my recipes or photos on your site, please contact me to discuss rates.

Q. I posted a comment but it did not show up.  What happened?

A. There are a few possibilities, with the most likely being that your comment was incorrectly identified as spam by my spam filter.  Because of the enormous amount of spam that is received it isn’t possible for me to check everything that is caught by the filter, and unfortunately there are some real comments that get mislabeled.  The other possibility is that I read your comment and it sounded like basic trolling, and so I discarded the message.  I will always post thoughtful differences of opinion, but I will not post a comment that is pointless trolling and/or that contains obscenities or slurs.   This is my personal blog and I make those decisions based on the tenor I expect from civilized discourse.