Welcome to Seasonal and Savory, my blog of original recipes and food adventures.  I am an award-winning home cook with a focus on creating recipes that use seasonal produce in innovative and delicious ways.  I consider myself a “flexitarian,” in that I eat a lot of vegetable-based meals, complimented with meat-based recipes that utilize pastured, organic meats and game.  I love organ meats and the bits that most people don’t eat!  Seafood is a personal passion, so if you enjoy fish and shellfish you should check out my recipe database.

My general preferences are for whole, unprocessed foods, with a focus on produce.  You won’t find meat analogues in my vegetarian and vegan recipes, and when I do venture into dessert territory I usually avoid refined sugar.  In January of 2012 I started strenuously avoiding gluten and refined sugars, and through that shift I  have seen many health benefits–and it has not been difficult, it has just shifted the way I develop recipes.  You will see this change reflected in my current recipes, as they no longer include gluten or refined sugars.

In my “real” life I am a university teacher and a writer, with a strong interest in the ways that food cultures reflect our identities, politics, and sense of community.  I live in beautiful Colorado with my husband, Harrison, and we travel as much as possible.

This is feeling pretty dry, so you should probably know that I enjoy ponies, goats, poetry, mystical realism in fiction, sparkly objects, and short walks on concrete.  I am a reformed Virgo with an affinity for wine and really good tea.  My superpowers are spelling, invisibility, and bee whispering.

Most of those things are true.

If you want to contact me, please send me some email at seasonalsavory@gmail.com or use my Contact Form, and I promise to respond as soon as possible, and with impeccable spelling.

Thanks for joining me,

Angela Buchanan