Whole30: Days 16 and 17

We are still chugging along with the challenge and have fallen into certain food routines–for me, my standard breakfast has become my strawberry and almond butter bowl, with some slight variations with other fruit, nuts, or coconut.  Because of the work load of the end of the semester, I will be posting highlights this week and next, rather than daily menus.  Yesterday’s lunch was deviled eggs–a traditional post-Easter kind of food.  I made these pretty basic, mixed with some of my homemade mayo, but jazzed up with a splash of orange-infused vinegar.

Deviled Eggs

Dinner was a taco salad with seasoned meat, guac, tomatoes, and olives over romaine.  Lots of cilantro in the guac, fresh from our little greenhouse:

Taco Salad

Today’s lunch was leftovers from yesterday’s dinner, and for tonight’s dinner I made some Whole30 chicken strips from some chicken breast cut into fingers, dredged in egg, then in a mixture of almond flour mixed with arrowroot and some spices.  Pan fried in avocado oil and then served with salad and grapefruit.  We both have been eating the Whole30 truffles as desserts (probably too many of them).

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