Whole30: Day 8

We have officially crossed over into week two, and today I did some cooking for the upcoming week, as is my usual Sunday habit.  I boiled eggs, simmered some stock with lamb bones that I had in the freezer from last season, and I made a fairly giant bison meatloaf so we will have leftovers for a few days.  Breakfast today was really brunch, and it was so filling that lunch really ended up being an afterthought.  On Friday I roasted some duck legs until they were crispy then I shredded the meat and put that in the fridge for today.  With what was left (Harrison snacked on some…), I made this great duck and sweet potato hash topped with eggs:

Duck and Sweet Pototo Hash

This is so easy and I hope you will try it some time.  I chopped the roasted duck into pieces (including the skin) and tossed it into the skillet and let it crisp up over medium-high heat.  I then added in diced, cooked sweet potato and a spoonful of the reserved duck fat.  Let that cook until the sweet potatoes start to brown nicely, then flip over as much as you can and let the other side brown.  Add salt and pepper to taste and top with eggs.  I used the meat from about two duck legs and one large sweet potato.  It is *amazingly* good.  Duck legs are relatively hard to come by, but US Wellness Meats carries them.  The bonus is that you get some lovely duck fat for cooking after you roast off the legs.

Lunch was a grapefruit and some fresh radishes.  I was still full of late-morning duck hash.

Dinner was bison meatloaf which I topped with a faux ketchup made with organic tomato paste that I spiced up and thinned with water.  Bison is really lean so I added some duck fat into the meat when mixing in the spices.  DUCK FAT IN ALL THE THINGS!  At this rate it will be gone soon.  Steamed asparagus was the side, and I made a few of the coconut butter-stuffed dates for dessert.

Bison meatloaf

Week two.  Bring it.


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  1. When you first ,wrote about the Whole 30 it sounded so hard, but you make it look easy. How are you feeling –.notice an changes?

    1. Nancy, I have noticed a huge improvement in my allergies. That happened by day three. That seems to be directly tied to what I am eating. I don’t feel like I have lost weight (you are not supposed to weigh yourself during the challenge) but I do feel less “puffy.” It hasn’t been that hard at all, it just takes a fair amount of planning. However, we have leaned too heavily on fruits to get over the sugar cravings, so I would like to cut back on that. Thank you for asking!

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