Today I was tired all day and had a serious jones for sugar.  These things are undoubtedly related.  For breakfast I sliced up some of the leftover bratwurst from dinner and had that with two (inadvertently) over-medium eggs and the last of the Lion’s Mane mushrooms.  Not a pretty breakfast, but it was good.  I also had a banana (sugar craving).

Breakfast Day 5

Lunch was once again leftover cottage pie, and I am officially ready to move on from that.  It was good but I am easily bored.  After lunch I was feeling fairly exhausted and I was trying to decide how much of it was from being inside staring at the laptop all day.  Since all of my actual paid work involves staring at this little screen, I often have to devise clever ways to get away from it, and today I failed with that.  Lots of work piled up.

My original dinner plan for today was to roast some duck legs with apples, but it was really too warm to have the oven on for that long.  My plan B was really good, though–a simple stir fry of Niman ranch pork with onions, mushrooms, snap peas, and grape tomatoes, with some of the Balsamic Fig Glaze tossed in at the end.

Pork and Veggie Stir Fry

To slay the sugar beast I made an actual dessert, which we inhaled–dates stuffed with a little coconut butter and sprinkled with cardamom.  AMAZING.  I had to threaten Harrison with my fork to keep him from eating all of them.

Stuffed dates

Tomorrow I am going to take the laptop outside to work and I will try really, really hard to not be distracted by squirrels.  It’s hard, people.

We had a little check-in about how we are feeling and agreed that overall this isn’t drastically different from how we usually eat, but we are going through a bit more produce and meat.  I often will go without meat for a day or two because of my love of cheese, nuts, and eggs, but with the elimination of cheese I am eating more meat and fish.   We also typically have some grain-free crackers and other baked goods around, but I am not missing those yet (other than the flax crackers that I usually have with…cheese).

Almost through week one!

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  1. I’m intrigued by those dates — they sound like a great fix for a sweet tooth!

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