Whole30: Day 14

I was going to wait and double up menus tomorrow but decided to go ahead and do a fast, photo-free post with today’s update.  I did actually take photos of breakfast but the day went downhill from there.  So, as a status update, I was fairly ill today.  I don’t know why and hope it is fleeting.  We are both fairly exhausted right now, which is always true this close to the end of the semester.  Feeling less enthused about the diet protocol but still sticking with it and hoping to weather through this rough patch.  We are almost halfway through and I am not going to let a little illness stop me.

I woke up feeling sick so for breakfast I chopped up a red banana (that’s one of those cute little bananas that is a little more fruity tasting) and some strawberries and topped it all with some almond butter.  Green tea to drink.  My stomach felt much worse after eating, so lunch was later than usual.

Lunch was a coconut wrap filled with chopped tomato and some of the cashew “cheese” that I made, and I promise you I will have a photo of that soon.  The basic recipe is that you soak raw cashews overnight, drain them well, then add them to the blender or food processor with just enough added water to get them to blend smoothly.   Add in the contents of two probiotic capsules and blend until really smooth.  Wrap this up in cheesecloth and press out any excess liquid and flatten it out until it will fit into your dehydrator.  Put the dehydrator on the yogurt setting and let it all “cook” for 10-12 hours.  It will have a nicely cheesy, fermented smell at this point.  Dump it into a bowl and stir in salt and seasonings that you like.  I added chives, salt, a little lemon juice, and some avocado oil to make it creamier.  It’s not cheese, but it’s pretty darn good.

Dinner was more liver and bacon (I know, but it needed to be cooked, and we both like it).  With that we shared a roasted sweet potato topped with ghee and cinnamon.  After dinner I made some “truffles” to serve as our version of Whole30 Easter candy tomorrow–I put almond butter, coconut butter, dates, cocoa, and cinnamon in the food processor and pulsed it until smooth, then formed it into balls and rolled them in plain cocoa.  Post-dinner I was feeling better but still not great.  I had a small glass of cranberry kombucha from the farmers’ market and hope that will help.

Tomorrow I promise photos and more interesting food, and with luck I will feel good enough to enjoy it!

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