Whole 30: Day 7

We have now officially made it through a whole week of the challenge!  I didn’t have much time to cook or take photos today, but here’s a quick run down.  We had our first dining out experience for tonight’s dinner, which went well.

Breakfast this morning for Harrison was the last three “breakfast muffins,” plus a banana with almond butter and coconut, plus a blood orange. Plus some dates.  Let’s just say he ate a lot of fruit.  He was getting ready for a three-hour bike ride, which is his normal Saturday morning thing, so he needed the fuel  He also packed his water bottles with green tea sweetened with a little honey–that was his one concession for the Whole30.  He does lengthy rides at least once per week, and the honey tea is his substitute for sports drinks.  Much healthier.  I had another bowl of strawberries drizzled with almond butter and sprinkled with coconut.

Lunch was leftover ceviche, which I made into sort of hand rolls with some toasted nori.  I ate not one, but TWO grapefruits.  I have something of a problem with grapefruits.  They have become the new cheese.  We also had some garlic-stuffed green olives and some nuts.

Tonight we had our first Whole30 “date night” so I did some research to find a suitable restaurant.  When I was reading about other people’s experiences with Whole30 the only restaurant I heard mentioned as an option was Chipotle, but we are fortunate to live in an area that has a lot of restaurants that do local sourcing and great labeling.  Lucky, lucky.  Tonight we went to Mod Market, a little regional chain that has a whole-food, local sourcing ethos.   I checked out their menu online and you can click on any item and it tells you everything–ingredients, sourcing, types of fat, etc.  So, off we went, and we thought it was really good.  Harrison had a huge salad with mixed greens, grilled chicken, coconut, cooked sweet potato, and cucumber.

Mod Market Salad

I had the flank steak plate with rosemary sweet potato mash and broccolini.

Flank steak plate

They also had unsweetened, brewed hibiscus “tea,” which made me really happy.  We will definitely go back.

On to week two!


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