When you think of mushrooms, furry is probably not the first thing that comes to mind, but this is a mushroom that looks decidedly furry.  To me, they look like Tribbles, those purring creatures from my favorite episode of Star Trek. Lion’s Mane mushrooms are delicious and meaty, though somewhat difficult to find.  If you want to know where to buy Lion’s Mane mushrooms, read through the post for tips and then also look at the comment section, where people from around the country have posted places you can find these special mushrooms.

Don’t you just want to pet them?  When you slice open a Lion’s Mane, the interior looks a lot like a tiny slice of cauliflower–lots of branching structure, radiating out from the base.  As you might imagine, this makes them soak up sauces with greater ferocity than your standard button mushroom. They are like delicious little flavor sponges.  All of those little branches also create a different textural experience, and this is a good “meat substitute” mushroom, when properly prepared.

Where to buy Lion's Mane Mushrooms in the U.S.

Here in Colorado I purchase cultivated Lion’s Manes whenever they are available at our Farmers’ Market, from a local grower called Hazel Dell.  They also grow certified organic Cinnamon Caps, Oyster Mushrooms, Shiitakes, and standard button mushrooms.  Mushrooms are one of my favorite foods, hands down, but for some reason I do not do shiitakes.  One of the rare foods I do not like.  However, give me a plate of Lion’s Mane or Oyster mushrooms, and you will make me happy.  Like many mushrooms, Lion’s Manes are considered something of a “superfood” due to their antioxidant properties, and you can buy them in powdered or extract form for medicinal purposes–but I much prefer to just eat them.  The best way to cook these is also really simple–brush them off, slice them, and cook them in some salted butter with some crushed garlic and a shake of ground white pepper.  Absolute heaven.

Update: Many people have asked where they can buy fresh Lion’s Mane Mushrooms around the country, and some readers have added helpful info in the comment sections of this post. If you know of a market in your area that carries them, please add a comment!  Oregon Mushrooms ships wild, fresh Lion’s Manes when they are available, and they are working on offering them dried.  Here’s a link to their page.

Cook them over medium-high heat and flip them just once, and the edges will get a little brown and crispy.  This, with some scrambled eggs, is one of my favorite breakfasts.  A note on cleaning: avoid washing these mushrooms whenever possible, as they will really soak up the water.  If you must wash them, be sure to squeeze them dry so they will have a chance to brown.  I clean mine by simply brushing or cutting off any debris.

Here’s my slightly more elaborate recipe, if you want to get fancy:

Lion's Mane Mushrooms with Saffron and Apples
Recipe type: Main Dish, Side Dish
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 2-4
  • 2 tablespoons salted butter
  • 1 tart apple, cored and thinly sliced
  • 1/2 pound Lion's Mane Mushrooms, brushed clean and sliced
  • A good pinch of saffron threads
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground white pepper
  1. Heat the butter in a 12-inch skillet, over medium-high heat. Add the apple slices and cook, stirring frequently, until the apples just start to soften (or to your desired texture).
  2. Add the mushrooms, saffron, and white pepper, and cook, stirring occasionally, until the mushrooms are soft. Serve hot or at room temperature.

Thanks for reading,


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  1. Chris of Stumptown

    Hi Angela

    If I may ask, where did you obtain the idea to partner lion’s man and saffron? I ask because I have discovered that I really like lion’s mane and I am looking for recipes. Honestly I was quite surprised to see the combination of mushrooms and saffron, but after I thought it over, it made sense: saffron is a classic with shellfish. Now I am wondering how it might work in paella or risotto.

    A second question: if I were to make your recipe, do you think it would work well to soak the saffron in a little liquid and add that at some point? I prefer that as it seems to extract more flavor from the saffron threads.

    1. Hi Chris: The shellfish connection was definitely the thing that made me want to try the flavor pairing–and, I really love saffron, so I tend to try it in things just to see how it goes. Last year I made a saffron-buttermilk pie that I really loved, and I will make paella out of just about anything. The reason I didn’t soak the saffron was my instinct to minimize the liquid so the mushrooms would brown. However, the apples released too much moisture to let that happen, so I think soaking the saffron would maximize the flavor. Thank you for stopping by! I love people who really think about food.

      1. Chris of Stumptown

        I can tell you something from personal experience: cooked slowly in butter with leeks and red bell pepper, they are great partners with sablefish!

        Now I am wondering about mock shrimp fried rice.

        1. Oh. My. The sablefish sounds amazing. I have used butter-poached lion’s manes in a type of fried rice dish–fantastic.

      2. I just bought some at The Natural Grocer’s in Longmont, Co. They were in the reduced produce basket- about a lb. for $2. Do they go bad after a certain amount of time?

        1. Deborah, that’s a bargain! The biggest problem is that they will dry out over time and kind of shrivel up. I haven’t had any go bad, though I don’t usually keep them around long. If they are not sticky/tacky feeling they are fine.

    2. Thanks, Louis–I have read some interesting research about the health benefits of saffron and I think most people would benefit by adding more mushrooms to their diets. I also happen to love them, so that helps.

    3. I’m healing from a brain injury—would love to know more….

  2. I just used this recipe and it was fantastic. I left out the white pepper and used a non-dairy “butter”. I cooked the apples some first, then removed. Then cooked the thinly sliced Lion’s mane slowly until it was just a little brown, set on low/moderate heat. I then turned it down to low and added the saffron, then added the apples back. Nothing else was added and I took my time letting it cook. It was my first time cooking a Lions Mane and I had read that they generate a lot of water when cooking. Mine didn’t do that. The texture couldn’t have been better and the simple recipe let the gentle flavor of the mushroom come through

    1. Sounds so good! I need to get my hands on another bunch of these–so happy you had success with this.

  3. I picked up a large one at one of my Farmer’s Markets and sliced it about 1/8″ thick and used it in place of pasta in a lasagna. It was EXCELLENT! Gluten and Grain Free! 🙂

    1. Wow, that’s pretty brilliant! I have to try that.

      1. I agree that sounds brilliant! I would love to try that! would be great as a gluten free meal. Thanks Mike T.

  4. This sounds amazing where can you by a Lions Mane and how much are they normally? Can’t wait to try them

    1. Jake, I get them from Hazel Dell mushrooms, which is Northern Colorado grower–not sure if they ship, however. Pacific Rim Mushrooms ships, and I know they have had them in the past. I think I paid about eleven dollars for a pound the last time I bought them–they are really wonderful, so I hope you can get your hands on some.

    2. The mushroom person at the DuPont Circle farmer’s market in Washington, DC, just started growing and carrying them.

      1. Thanks for the info, Nina, I will add it to the post.

        1. There’s a grower in Richmond…..Steve Haass Mushrooms, I believe. I just bought my first from him thru The Farm Table

          1. Thanks for the info!

          2. Yes. Me too. He sells them at South of the James Farmers’ Market on Saturdays. I found one today at St. Stephen’s Farmers market in Richmond. It wasn’t out, and I asked if there were any. She looked in a cooler and found a large one for me.

      2. Madison Mushrooms has the mushroom and sells in Takoma Park, Maryland

  5. Does anyone know of a place in Florida that sells Lions Mane Mushrooms? I have visited all but a few farmers markets in the area. I live on the west coast of Florida, in the Clearwater area, but I am not opposed to travel for these delightful treats.

    1. Hi Bradley: I put out a message to my Florida friends, and one of them replied “I spoke with my produce guy and he said that he isnt able to get the Lions Mane mushrooms but a place called Coosemans Produce deals in specialty produce and ships everywhere and there is one in Tampa.” So I hope that helps!

    2. Hi Bradley, I just left the Bradenton Farmers Market (downtown on Main ST) and a young man is selling lions mane and several other varieties of mushrooms. He is a local grower. Sorry I don’t know his name………..

      1. Hi! very late reply but Yellow Green farmers market in Hollywood, florida has lion mane mushrooms!

        1. Thanks, Madison!

    3. Mr Fun Guy out of port Charlotte has lion mane

  6. Hi, we ship wild lions mane to anyone in the United States, we ship to all 50 states. We only have them when they are wild, we do not have them cultivated unfortunately. I honestly think that wild lions man is much better tasting.

    1. Christina, thanks so much, I will pass this on!

    2. Hi Christina,
      Can you post the contact information so that we can purchase

      1. Hi Star:
        I have the link for Oregon Mushrooms up in the post–I think they are out of season right now, but the link is there!

    3. How do we contact you for possible orders Thank you Ken Merriman MD merriman_ken@sbcglobal.net

    4. Hi There 😊:

      Love the idea of eating wild Lion’s Mane Mushrooms❗️Would you ship to Canada when in season?

      1. Matteo, I don’t actually sell them, but some of the places listed in this thread might ship.

    5. hi, do you export to South Africa, or do you know of anyone that does?

      1. Rosalind, not sure, but hopefully someone will see this and help out!

  7. Totally agree that the wild lions mane is the best but we grow them cultivated and other Gourmets like the Oysters and Shiitakes. Contact us at info@brewersmushrooms.com to place an order. We grow to your order. May take up to 3 weeks. Thanks

    1. Thanks, Tammy, I know a lot of people will appreciate this info.

  8. In the Albany, NY area, Mariaville Mushroom Men sell cultivated Lion’s Mane in several area farmers’ markets. Here’s the link to the markets they go to: http://themushroommen.com/?page_id=321. I don’t know if they ship.

    1. Thanks, Maria!

  9. We just had a fresh lion’s mane mushroom from the New Hampshire Mushroom Company — delicious! They are USDA certified organic. Here’s a link for those in the NH area: http://www.nhmushrooms.com/ I cooked it sliced at medium temp (electric stove) in grapeseed oil, then added kale and pasta sauce. Yum.

    1. Thanks for the info, Laurel!

  10. I picked up some Lion’s Mane this morning at the Public Market in Rochester, NY. There is a mushroom emporium, Smugtown Mushrooms, just down Railroad Street from the market. Think I may try this recipe!

    1. Thanks for the info, Chris!

  11. I am trying this recipe this weekend. What items will pair well with it?

    1. David, it works well as a side dish with fish or meat, but it also works well on its own as a main course (the texture is really meaty). In that case a simple salad is a nice side.

  12. I just bought my first Lions Mane. DesMoines farmers market. Just looking for some ideas, and I got some, Thanks. Excited to try.

    1. Hope you enjoy them, they are my favorite mushroom–just got some at the farmers’ market today.

  13. Whispering Creek Mushrooms sell Lions Mane and other mushrooms at the farmers market downtown Nashville and in Donaldson farmers market in TN

    1. Thanks, Dan!

  14. We are a brand new mushroom farm, Peaceful Harvest Mushrooms, and are bringing our Lion’s Mane to the Farmers Market in Montpelier, VT! Thanks for the great recipe idea!

    1. Thanks, Karen, hopefully this will guide some people your way!

  15. Shannon Williford

    Whispering Creek Mushroom farm sells in Nashville at the downtown Farmers Market

    1. Great, thanks for the info, Shannon!

  16. We just joined a group that offers fresh produce and other items from local suppliers. You get biweekly “crop boxes.” We are in St. Louis, MIssouri, and the suppliers are located mostly in nearby Illinois farms. One of the first local offerings were Lions Mane mushrooms and apparently long anticipated by the others in this group. We had not been big mushroom eaters (and had never seen such an interesting mushroom) but were curious so ordered the Lions Mane. Took a while to figure out how to clean it and cook it but we are converts. Now we just hope the mushroom season will last as long as possible. Life is good. Judith

    1. Wonderful, thanks for sharing this Judith! They are my favorite mushroom, though I love them all.

    2. What is the name of this group? Or the nearby Illinois farms where I could pick up some lions mane.

  17. Hi just today I’ve purchased those magnificent Lion’s Mane Mushrooms at Mount Prospect’s IL Farmers Market. Since I grew up close to the Woods I’m very familiar with wild mushrooms of many kinds. But I’ve never seen a mushroom like that One. Thanks for a helpful recipe suggestion.
    My mouth is literally watering…

    1. Wonderful, thank you for the buying tip!

  18. can one grind up lions mane and put it into tabs?

    1. I have seen it in capsule form at Vitamin Cottage–I assume you could get it at other health food stores. But they are so delicious fresh!

  19. Do you store the lion’s head mushrooms in the refrigerator or leave out or in a paper bag? Can’t find the answer anywhere. Just bought some.

    1. I store them in a paper bag in the fridge–they do dry out after a couple of days, so I try to use them within a day. It is possible to freeze them if you want to keep them longer.

  20. I just found out that at Whole Food Markets in or near Glen Mills PA on 202 just started selling Lion’s Mane mushrooms. Just north of Delaware. Phone # is (610)358-1133.

    I will also check out some Farmer’s Markets near Wilmington DE.

    1. Thanks for the info!

  21. I just found 2 lbs of lions mane in the woods near my house. I am looking to sell the bigger one if anyone is interested. I live in Charlotte, NC. I definitely want to eat the smaller one using one of these recipes. If interested give me a call or text 980-241-2159

  22. can lions mane be confused with any unsafe mushroom?

    1. Tom, based on what I have read they are pretty easy to identify, but with any mushroom you have to be really careful–I found this article that might be helpful: Wild Lion’s Manes

  23. I live in Broward cuonty South Florida, anyone knows were I can get the Lion’s mane Mushrooms in this erea? thanks

    1. Hi. I live in SE Georgia. My daughter found some growing wild this week and shared one with me. It was delicious! I suggest you look in river bottoms in dead oak or other hardwood trees. Don’t forget to look up as they also grow in dead limbs of healthy trees.

      1. Thanks for the tips!

        1. I purchased organic oyster, shiitake and lions mane mushrooms at the Sparta Mushroom Farm in Sparta, GA. Absolutely wonderful and very reasonable in price.

  24. I found lion’s mane mushrooms being sold at one of our local farmers markets in Salisbury Maryland. One of the vendors is actually growing them, along with crimini, shiitake, and oyster mushrooms.
    If anyone is in the area of Salisbury, the farmers market is open on Tuesdays 2 to 6 p.m.

    1. Excellent, thanks for the tip.

  25. Whole Foods in Frisco, CO has them right now!

  26. Mycophile’s Garden in Grand Rapids, MI grows organic lion’s mane mushrooms. They are a great mushroom growers with an awesome selection. I am a brain patient and I drive almost 2 hrs. just to pick up my fresh supply of lion’s mane mushrooms from this grower! My love to Chris of Mycophile’s Garden. Thanks for the knowledge and shrooms you’ve brought into my life!!

    Here is a link to their facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/mycogarden/

    One love!!

  27. We have a mushroom farm in Stonington, Ct. We grow Lion’s Mane year round and sell them locally at farmer’s markets and to local restaurants and health food stores. They are so delicious and good for you!

  28. Flyway Family Farm in Southern Illinois often has wonderful lion’s mane. They sell at the the farmer’s market in Carbondale.

  29. The Farmer’s Market in Hawley PA just opened last week & there was a mushroom farmer there who had beautiful mushrooms. I only bought crimini bc I’d never seem him before but he had lion’s main & several types of shitake. Now that I’ve done some research I’ll be picking these up tomorrow!

    1. Keri, I think you will like them–thanks for the tip!

  30. I currently grow Shiitake, Blue Oyster, Portobello and have just completed an experiment with Lions Mane. I am located in central Indiana and participate in 4 farmers markets weekly. I also serve several niche grocery stores, many quality chefs and a home delivery service. My farm is called Shamrock Farm, so if you’re going to visit central Indiana, look us up on FB and you can find where we are.

    I have also recently started drying them and am thinking of selling those online to ship.

    1. Eric, I have family in the Muncie area, so I will be sure to pass this on. Thanks!

  31. There’s a grower selling at Pepper Place Market in Birmingham, AL. I’d never seen them before, so I grabbed some this morning.

  32. And I just bought a big one today from the Wild Ramp in Huntington, West Virginia. The first time I bought one it was so big that I decided to freeze it until I figured out what to do with it (wish I had come across this site that time!) That was not a good idea – when I thawed them out, they were full of water – could wring them out like a washcloth. I decided to try them anyway and sautéed them like I would any mushroom but they ended up in the trash – they were like chewing on erasers. I will cook this one fresh and hope for better results. Rather than slicing, I’d like to chop them up some because I like to serve mushrooms with pasta. Is there any reason why it’s better to slice them than chop them?

    1. Good to know! I will definitely not try to freeze them. In terms of chopping versus slicing, I like slicing for pan-frying because it give you a better surface to crisp up, rather than steaming. Both are good, though.

    2. It’s recommended to cook them in whatever fashion you prefer, then freeze. They don’t freeze in their natural state. We found a nice 3.1 pound one in the mountains around Linville, NC this week. We pulled it off in strips, making a large pile. We added the strips to the ingredients we use to make Maryland crab cakes, formed them into patties, then pan fried. Both the flavor and texture remarkably simulated crab cakes. Raised in Maryland, we know “crab cakes.” Backfin crab meat sells for $33 per pound so we hit a home run.

  33. Patricia Concannon

    I am growing my own lion’s mane on my kitchen counter. They are beautiful! I also am growing shitake and oyster. I bought the blocks from CapNStem in Gardiner Maine.

    1. How exciting! I would love to try to grow some, I will check out the kits.

  34. Found them fresh at Dupont Circle Farmers Market in Washington DC.

  35. Our good friends at Primordia Mushroom Farm sell at quite a few markets in SE Pennsylvania, including Easton, West Reading, Clark Park, Chestnut Hill

  36. Nebraska Mushroom out of Grand Island Nebraska sells Lion’s Mane. Their website is nebraskamushroom.com. I just bought one today from the Lincoln Nebraska Farmers Market!!

  37. Just found a 4# 10 oz lion’s mane in North Georgia. I made crab cakes with1#, am thinking of making lasagna next!

    1. Adriana, how do you make the crab cakes? Would love the recipe if you are willing to share.

  38. Angela, Cascadiamushrooms.com has several mushroom recipes on their site, including one that uses shiitake in Cascadia Crab Cakes, perhaps you could adapt that recipe to Lion’s Mane. Also, while research is still under way, early indications are that Lion’s Mane is very beneficial for arthritis sufferers as well as some potential for Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis, among other health benefits. Also, in North Carolina, Fox Mushroom Patch Ginger and Josh Fox foxmushroompatch@gmail.com Hubert, NC were growing Lion’s Mane but are on hiatus for health reasons.

  39. where do I get fresh lion Maine mushroom in Los Angeles,California.thank you.

    1. ikr I want to know too

    2. Mila, I don’t see anything specific to L.A.–maybe a reader can help–but there are a couple of places you can order online, including the Oregon Mushroom company linked in the post. Hope that helps.

    3. Arlene Rosenblatt

      I just found fresh lions mane mushrooms at the Wednesday farmers market in Santa Monica

  40. Hey I was just wondering, I am recovering from a TBI, and would like to grow my own lion’s mane mushies. Do any of you know of a reliable source to purchase a lion’s mane mushroom kit, one that is definitely organic…Any help is appreciated, I am based out of Colorado Springs

  41. Asheville, NC area!
    we are Bennu Mushrooms! Fledgling mushroom company based out of Fairview, NC. We have your lionsmane!

    1. Thanks, Natalie!

  42. I’m hooked on these mushrooms after being introduced to them at our local farmer’s market. My source, Cleveland Gourmet Mushroom Co., also grows his own shitake and blue oysters – organic, of coure. 🙂 Thank you for the wonderful recipes.

  43. i live in palm desert, Ca and wanted to know where I can buy these frresh? Thanks!

  44. Here in Tallahassee, FL, you can get Lion’s Mane mushrooms from Play of Light Mushrooms. They sell at the Market Square farmer’s market in Killearn on Saturdays. They also sell through Red Hills Online Farmers Market.



  45. You can buy Lions Mane growing kits from bitemefarms.co
    They sell other mushroom growing kits as well.

  46. Out walking in the rain this afternoon, I discovered two beautiful lion’s manes. One was growing from the base of an oak stump. The other was growing nearby, about twenty feet up on a decaying oak branch. I harvested a piece from one. It’s pretty soggy since we’ve had rain for a couple of days. I’m blotting it between towels, but wondering if I should slice it up and leave it out to air dry? Also, does the fungus have a better chance of regrowing if some if left? Thanks!

    1. Joan, I think leaving some is always a good idea in terms of letting the spores produce more–my reply is a little late, but I think drying it out is a good idea. How did it turn out?

  47. You can buy them from Springwater Farm at Portland Farmers Market, Portland Oregon.

  48. We live in Northern Alabama and are fortunate to have one of the most bio-diverse states to reside in. It is not uncommon for us to all manner of edible mushrooms just on our property alone. Today, for example, we went mushrooming and found wild Reshi (our first time finding these) and our first Lion’s Mane, ironically growing on a piece of oak I had cut for firewood. Upon searching more, we found multiple LM growing on other oak pieces. Which leads me to my point, if you have a hardwood forest nearby, it may be worth walking around. Mushrooming is scary at first thanks to all the negative press our fungi friends gets, but man is it worth it. Can’t wait to try the saffron recipe out on our first LM. thanks Angela!

    1. Thanks for that tip, Jeremy–would be thrilled to find a reshi!

  49. Whole Foods in Boise carries them in season & I saw them
    last week in the downtown Sacramento Food Co-Op. Hope this helps!

    1. Thanks, Shannon!

  50. Lots of Asian grocery stores carry them, either fresh or dried. In Tampa, I have bought them dried at MD Oriental Market and Oceanic. Asian grocers often carry a wide variety of other mushrooms – wood ears, clouds, enoki, and of course shiitake if you like them.

  51. My lion mane mushroom blocks are fruiting – I’m getting 1 to 3 gallons every 3 days or so. Way more than we can eat. Does anyone have any suggestions for preservation other than drying? I’ve been sauteing 3/4 inch slices in butter then freezing flat for mushroom burgers, and I cubed some with onions and froze those. I’ve canned button mushrooms successfully, so I guess I can try canning the lions mane, but I’d be glad to hear of other recipes. Thanks.

    1. Kit, I know that you can pickle mushrooms, but I don’t know how well that would work with the texture of Lion’s Mane. I have also seen people making duxelles with other types of mushrooms and freezing them that way (then adding to soups, eggs, etc., after thawing). If you do try anything that you think worked well, please give us an update!

  52. bristolmushrooms.com grows year round, USDA certified 100% organic. Buy online and shipped to you withing 24 hrs of picking.

  53. In Maryland, the Wednesday Farmers Market in Catonsville at the Christian Temple parking lot.
    Beutiful fresh Lion’s Mane mushrooms and many other varities. Thanks for the cooking tips. Has anyone tried throwing fresh Lion’s mane into blender when making Bulletproof coffee?

  54. I did not read every post. Can the Lions mane mushroom be eaten raw? I’m wondering about whole food vegetable juice in my magic bullet.

    1. Jacqueline, most mushrooms are better digested when lightly cooked, and some people avoid eating any raw mushrooms for this reason. I think the benefits are better accessed when cooked.

  55. I grow and sell Lions Mane year around in Michigan. They are by far my favorite! My website is windingroadmushrooms.com. I sell them $15 a pound

    1. Thanks for this info!

  56. Here in Seattle, Central Co-op is now (June, July) stocking Lion’s mane along with all their other non-GMO foods. Your cooking info will be helpful here!

  57. I just grew some lions mane – super easy – kit available here – https://northspore.com. Take about 3 weeks and all you have to do is cut some holes in a bag and mist the bag daily with water.

  58. BBurgess seed catalog has ready to grow pre-inoculated “logs” so you can grow your own shiitake and lions mane mushrooms. I’m going to try the lions mane since they are hard to find.

  59. I got lions mane mushroom from Far West Fungi in Santa Cruz, California, and made a very satisfying lions mane “lobster roll” from the recipe on their website farwestfungi.com. You can order online for pickup in Santa Cruz, Saratoga, San Francisco or Oakland CA, but they have not yet got their shipments figure out for fresh mushrooms, but you can order other products for shipping.

  60. Hello… I’m in the Charlotte NC area, does anyone know where I can purchase Fresh Lions Mane Mushrooms? Need for health reasons. Also does anyone how often and how much you should eat them to see the difference in your health.. for Parkinson’s.

  61. Chamomille Natural Foods, in Danbury, CT, carries Lion’s Mane mushrooms from the New Hampshire Mushroom Company. Also, I’ve found them at Roche Brothers in Natick, MA.

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