Fresh Peach and Riesling Sorbet

During our annual Peachapalooza there were many splendid peach concoctions whipped up using the giant box of Western Slope peaches–the saffron-peach preserves were pretty outstanding, for one–but the easiest and most refreshing dish was this beautiful sorbet, made with fresh peach blended with agave and Flip Flop Riesling.  I received some sample wines from Flip Flop, and the Riesling was a perfect match with the sweet, floral peaches.

When you are starting with great ingredients, simplicity is often the best recipe.  For this I slipped the skins from four medium peaches and blended until smooth with the Riesling and a little agave.  Freeze in an ice cream maker for a smooth textured sorbet, or if you lack an ice cream maker you can freeze this in a pan and then rough up the frozen mixture with a fork for a delicious granita.  The alcohol level of the wine keeps the mix from freezing too solid, so it scoops up nicely either way.

I am a huge fan of Flip Flop wines, not just because they make great, affordable wines, but because for each bottle of wine purchased they donate a pair of shoes to Soles4Souls.  They also have the funniest spokeswino around 🙂  Check out their Facebook page.

Fresh Peach and Riesling Sorbet
3-4 cups peeled and stoned fresh, ripe peach
1 cup Flip Flop Riesling
1/4 cup light agave nectar or honey

In a blender or food processor, blend all ingredients until smooth.  For sorbet, process in an ice cream maker until you have a soft-set texture.  For granita, freeze in pans and then scrape out the mixture with a fork to serve.  Makes about a quart.

FCC legal stuff: I received free sample wine from Flip Flop, because they are awesome and because the only thing better than wine is free wine.  All opinions expressed here are mine, and true, and golden, and had the wine sucked I would have avoided posting any recipes or opinions.  It’s good.  Buy some and make this sorbet.

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  1. I am sooooo making this!

  2. What a beautiful color! Love this recipe. I will be making some of this as soon as ice cream freezers go on sale because I am too cheap to pay full price. We are now sorbet/ice cream deprived at our house so we will have to live vicariously through you.

  3. Costco. They can hook you up…

  4. Wow. This looks amazing, and I have a bunch of fresh peaches.

    Another huge Flip Flop fan–great wines, company doing good things, great price point. What more can you ask for?

  5. Must try Flip Flop. Must go make ice cream or sorbet right now. Must eat (which is what I always think after I visit your blog, Angela). Everything always looks so good.

  6. P.S. Have you considered adding the "Search" gadget to your blog? The tag summary at the bottom of the post helps a little, but Blogger's Search function returns a list of your blog posts in a consolidated form.

  7. marla {family fresh cooking}

    Such a beautiful sorbet!
    Please add the link to my Summer Happy post if you wish…..

  8. This looks super easy and even more delectable!

  9. What a simple delectable recipe! Great picture too 🙂

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