I’m Giving Away This Rock

In honor of my 100th blog post, I wanted to do something really special for my loyal readers–thus, the obvious choice: a rock giveaway.  This is the rock:

His name is Jacques.  As you may have guessed from his natty attire, he is French.  Jacques was mined in a small, French quarry in the 1920’s, and he eventually came to America to work for a landscaping firm.

Jacques really likes a good cocktail and a pretty lady

You might be asking–“But Angela, isn’t this a form of rock trafficking?  Why are you giving away Jacques?”  Jacques loves to travel, meet new people, and enjoy adventures in new gardens. He would love to visit your home.  He also enjoys boating:

You might also be asking yourself, “Angela, are you feeling o.k.?”  Yes, just fine, if a bit woozy from the super glue and Sharpie fumes.

Jacques has grown bored hanging out in our little Colorado burg, and it is time for him to move on.  Of course we want to make sure that he is kept in the manner to which he is accustomed, so he will be accompanied by a $100 Target gift card.

Please note: this is NOT a sponsored giveaway.  Jacques has a small trust fund.  Very small.  It all went to this gift card, so spend it wisely if he comes to visit–he has limited marketable skills.
If you want to win Jacques and his gift card, here’s how to enter:
Giveaway has ended!  Congrats to Beth, who will be hosting Jacques in her home very soon.

1. You must Follow this blog to enter.

2. U.S. and Canada mailing addresses, only, please–Jacques has put on some weight since he came to the U.S.

3. Get one entry by leaving a comment after this blog post, explaining why you would love to have Jacques in your home.

4.Get a second entry by posting this giveaway to your Facebook page–then be sure to post that info here, so you get a second entry.

5. All entries must be submitted by Saturday, noon MST, February 26th.

6. I will select a winner using random.org.

Legal stuff: No rocks were harmed in the making of this blog.  Blog owner accepts no liability for any infractions committed by Jacques if he comes to live at your house.  Hot Barbie doll not included in this giveaway.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Seriously Angela, this post was hilarious. Not laughing at Jacques of course. I would have to say bringing J-rock in my home would be extremely appropriate due to my 5 year old having her own rock collection. Rockie, rose, and mama rock, just to name a few. There would no boredom around here for the obvious company. Congrats on your 100th post! Have a great weekend. I'm posting this on my FB page right now.

  2. Ang
    Check out this post by Angela~not me, and enter to win a prize all of us could use.

    Foodie Road Show: I'm Giving Away This Rock

  3. Angela, you just killed me. The police will be there soon to arrest you and Jacques for murder. Don't go anywhere.

    If I weren't dead, I would love to show Jacques the wonders of breaking glass, which is pretty much what would be guaranteed to happen when my son was introduced to a small ball-shaped rock to my son and a house with giant picture windows.

  4. Marja/Glass Elements

    I think Jacques will love to hang out in my Studio next to all the other lovely rocks I collect to photograph my work on. He may even find a lovelier mate than hot Barbie, if you can dig it! 🙂

    Sharing on FB & twitter, too! 🙂

  5. Love the idea but don't want to deprive a small child of the chance to win a big prize he might throw at the next nasty old dictator to come down the road.

    Congratulations on the Blog, Angela. I love it.

  6. I think Jacques might find a happy home here in Snohomish! We have a lovely view of a massive rock wall (he's secure enough in his rock-hood that he wouldn't suffer from boulder envy, right?), and my young daughter has an impressive collection of Polly Pocket dolls for him to hang with. My son loves geodes, but I promise he wouldn't try to break Jacques open…

  7. You are silly ~ and that I LoVe! Jacques would love a trip to California where he could hang with the Hollywock Hot Rocketties. When he wasn't hangin' in Hollywock he'd be with me and my Jack Russell ~ she'd love to play catch with him and is generally gentle. Waiting for Jacques ~ now it's time to rock out!

  8. http://www.facebook.com/?sk=lf Shared your blog giveaway on my Facebook wall!

  9. Lucky Pierre the one who win Jacques! Hope it is I or me or c'est moi. You crack me up!dmr301
    See you on FB!

  10. That slut Barbie can't keep her hands off the stones.

  11. OK, loving these comments 🙂

  12. Ma chere Angela — C'est TRES important que Jacques visite Ann Arbor! J'ai besoin d'un professeur de Francais … il ya tres longtemps depuis que j'ai parler cette langue … 🙁

  13. Jacques has been introduced to my peeps on FB … 🙂

  14. Hiya,

    1. I already follow the blog, 2. I have a lonely geode that's never really fit in with the other collectable (so clicky!)


  15. A very personal and special giveaway! Good Luck to ALL!

  16. Hil-arious. Woke up my household with snorting laughter. My other rocks are clamoring for Jaques. Amethyst is especially smitten. She's worried that Vanna Barbie has evil designs.

  17. I had a pet rock at one time. I would love another.

  18. Too funny not to post on FB. 🙂 Hope you get some new readers.

  19. My 3 kids would benefit from learning French from a native speaker, instead of hearing the garbled high-school French their parents occasionally throw at them.
    We'd love to have Jacques come and see this part of the midwest! 😉

  20. This contest and the comments are a hoot. Thanks, y'all, for rockin' my Monday morning.

  21. Beth Jackson Klosterboer

    Hilarious. I'm sure Jacques has been well cared for by you and will miss you terribly. If I were lucky enough to win him, he would be very well cared for, although he may put on a few pounds as his new home will be right next to my chocolate melting machine in my kitchen. I'll do my best to keep his stylish hat free of chocolate splatters, but I can't guarantee it! He'll be the envy of all my friends. (I am a follower of your fun blog.)

  22. Beth Jackson Klosterboer

    I just posted your fun contest on my facebook page. Hope some of my friends stop by and look around your blog.

  23. I will rock Jacques like a hurricane.

  24. Too funny. Jacques is the most stylish rock I've ever seen.

  25. So funny and thanks for the giveaway chance! Would love to have Jacques come to my house. My kids would love him!

  26. Angela, I almost wet my pants reading this post! I think Jacques needs some East Coast time. I could introduce him to some love quarries in ROCKport where they dig up the world famous granite.

  27. This is awesome. I'm thrilled that I found you (via my Foodbuzz inbox) and read this post. Love the humor and adore Jacques. I want him more than the gift card. He should come stay with me because I'm French and it's just appropriate that he be with like country(wo)men.

    I would have followed you even without the giveaway because of your humor and would definitely have settled for just Jacques as the ultimate giveaway item! (Though I won't turn down the $100.)

  28. The Dutch Baker's Daughter

    Jacques would love it here in Minnesota. As an avid boater he would definately enjoy life on Lake Minnetonka…although I think he may have to settle for a little hockey rink action until the ice melts. Oh wait–the kids next door might mistake him for the puck…better pack his sunglasses so he can be incognito. 😉

    By the way, I'm sharing your great blog on Facebook! Good luck with the giveaway–cute idea.

  29. You are hereby followed (I thought you already were). Why do I want Jacque in my home? I admire his sense of fashion.

  30. Well, I have a critter named Jacques le lobster and he would love to hide under Jacques the rock!

  31. We would be happy to adopt Jacques!

  32. Hey, I think I've got some of his relatives in my yard! I'd love to reunite them. Great post Angela. Hope you've recovered from your Sharpie buzz.

  33. Adoption is a big responsibility, but I believe I'm ready for it! I would love to have Jacques because my French is rusty and I need a new conversation partner, and because I love his personal style!

    eemoody77 at gmail dot com

  34. I shared this post on Facebook (can send screenshot if needed)!

    eemoody77 at gmail dot com

  35. I think I could be a good friend to Jacques. He has a certain je ne sais quarry.

  36. Oooooh, Steve, Steve, Steve. Steve.

  37. […] got some great photos from Beth over at Hungry Halloween and thought I would share. Beth won Jacques, and she wanted me to know that he is doing well (Beth is a wonderful baker and chocolatier, and […]

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