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Thai Smile 2 is a pleasant little restaurant located on the Northwest side of Muncie, Indiana, and after having a positive dining experience there in September, I was eager to return for more.  It helps that it is one of the most vegetarian-friendly spots in Muncie.  We met up with my brother Eric and his family and started off sharing some of the appetizers, including the fried tofu with peanut sauce.  This was, as advertised, wedges of deep-fried tofu–completely unseasoned, but crispy and well accented with the sauce.  I would ask for more sauce, since that is the only flavor going on with this dish, and it is a rather large mound of bland tofu, otherwise.

We also sampled the Steamed Dumplings, which were a minced chicken and shrimp blend in a shu mai style dumpling, served with a lightly spicy soy dipping sauce.  They were very tasty, though slightly tougher than most versions, and the best of the appetizers that we sampled.

The Fresh Spring Rolls were a big disappointment.  Typically these are made with rice paper wraps and served with a light dipping sauce similar to the type that came with the dumplings.  These were in a wheat flour-based wrap–I would guess won ton wrappers–that made the flavor far less fresh and the texture gummy.  The filling was crunchy, with a bit of tofu in the center, and the thick, sweet, Hoisin-style sauce that was poured over the top simply overwhelmed everything.  I would definitely skip this dish.

Harrison ordered the Spicy Green Bean entree with tofu, and it was definitely one of the best dishes of the evening.  The beans were lightly crunchy and glazed with a lightly spicy and sweet sauce, and the addition of some pepper flakes from the condiment tray made it really delicious.  I had this dish with shrimp back in September, and it was well prepared each time.

Bryce and Cheryl had the Pad Bah-Mee, a noodle dish tossed with a mild sauce, vegetables, and choice of protein.  Ian had the spicier, rice noodle-based Pad Kee-Mao, which I tasted and enjoyed.  The noodles were chewy-firm and the heat level was good.  I will add here that if you like spicy food you really have to adjust it to taste with the condiment tray–I have ordered “level 5” twice and it is never spicy.  They provide a dry, hot pepper seasoning and a soy-based seasoning so that you can adjust to taste at the table. Eric had the Three Flavor Chicken, which I would describe as elevated sweet and sour chicken–a little too sweet for me, but a nice blend of flavors.

Pad Bah-Mee

I had the Fish Garlic, which was highly recommended by the server.  This was very good, with a lightly crispy fillet coated with a highly seasoned garlic sauce.   The fish was described as grouper, but based on the flake and the flavor of the bloodline I suspect it was really Basa (Asian catfish).  Regardless, I enjoyed the dish and would order it again.

I also had a Thai Iced Tea, which is a sweet, strong tea with a distinctive flavor and a cap of sweetened, condensed milk floating on top.  It is always sweet, but the one I was served was really far too sweet.  It was cloying.

On the whole, Thai Smile 2 is a place that has some real hits and misses, but if you are willing to look for the hits it is well worth your time.  Since almost any of the dishes can be ordered sans meat, it is also a friendly place for vegetarians in the otherwise-sparse Muncie dining scene.  The noodle dishes seem consistently good, and on a previous occasion I had some good Tom Ka Kai.  Avoid the Fresh Spring Rolls and you can enjoy a nice meal.

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2 Responses to Thai Smile 2

  1. Boulder Colorado December 26, 2010 at 8:46 pm #

    This sounds so good. I'm dying for anything that is NOT a sugar cookie at this point of the season! Fun to find you! We Colorado gals need to stick together. Following you in Google Reader now too. Happy holidays! Look forward to reading more of you!

  2. Eric December 28, 2010 at 8:02 pm #

    The company was of course the best part of the evening! 🙂

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