Black Walnut Honey

I’m still in gift-making mode, and today I made a personal favorite, Black Walnut Honey.  Black walnuts are one of those things that you either love or hate, and I am definitely in the love camp.  They have a pronounced flavor that is much stronger than English walnuts, with slightly smokey and tannic notes.  The trees are native to the Midwest United States, and unless you grew up around an area with some trees, you likely have not have been exposed to this unique flavor.  In the past the only way to enjoy these very-tough-to-crack nuts was with a lot of patience and a willingness to walk around with stained hands for several days.  Now, thanks to the miracles of the internet, you can order them pre-shelled from Hammon’s.  Or, if you are as lucky as I am, you can ask your wonderful mother to mail you a big box of black walnuts from the Midwest.  That’s the method I recommend, but please impose upon your own mother–mine is taken.  So….I made the honey, and this was lunch:

“But Angela,” you are no doubt asking, “wasn’t that honey supposed to be for gifts?”

Hey, what exactly are you suggesting?  I don’t think I like your tone.

Yes, I ate a bunch of it with some fruit and some buttermilk bleu cheese.  Sue me.  It’s pretty good stuff.  It is also about the easiest thing in the world to make.  Here’s the recipe: warm up a bunch of your favorite, local honey, and stir in the black walnuts.  Place in jars.  If you are not as craft-impaired as moi, tie on some pretty bows (note my “bows” below).

It’s just that simple.  I store this in the fridge and then warm it up prior to spooning it over cheese, fruit, ice cream, pancakes, my palm…

To make three pints I used a pound and a half of black walnut pieces and two and half pounds of dark, local honey from Madhava.  Ideally you want to let this develop for at least a week before you eat it, so the flavor of the walnuts really permeates the honey.  However, some of us have issues with delayed gratification, and it is pretty good right away.  If you live in the Midwest you might be lucky enough to happen on a jar of black walnut honey at a grocery store, sold by Laney Honey, which is how we first discovered the deliciousness of the combo.  Whenever we could find it we would buy every jar in the store, but then we thought…hey…we could just make this…

Another gift idea, and something worth making for yourself, too.
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  1. Thanks so much for this lovely award I am very honored you would choose me and say such lovely words.. your black walnut honey looks sensational I can just taste this on a sweet roll with cinnamon oh wow!

  2. WOW!! My first award. I'd only heard about these things on other fancy blogs. Thanks so much – it really means a lot 😀 Must give your black walnut recipe a try!

  3. I'm Lori...and maybe I'm you, too.

    My first award, too! I'm so excited.

    And I love black walnuts. Your honey recipe makes me homesick for my childhood house in Minnesota with towering black walnut trees in the front yard, and my great-grandmother's black walnut cake with seven-minute frosting.

  4. I love all of your blogs! Lori, do you have the recipe for that cake? Sounds amazing.

  5. I certainly hope you saved some for Christmas gifts! Your not-so-patiently waiting brother. 🙂

  6. Black Walnut Honey looks amazing. When I was a little girl, my neighbor had a black walnut tree and he would gather and crack the nuts and give them to us. Wonderful memories!

    Congratulations on your well deserved award!


  7. Congratulations and Thank YOU! And I can't help but giggle – we have two black walnut trees in the back yard. Of course, I have to fight the squirrels to get the darn things! But this fall, I'll be waiting. The DaddyMan wants to start bee keeping, and I see black walnut honey in the future….

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